Vehicle Warning lights - What do They Mean?

It can be a scary feeling when you are driving and your dashboard begins to light up with warnings. Warning lights should not induce panic though; warning lights are simply computers in your car giving you information. Usually the information is an indication of a potential problem.  

If you are going to appreciate the information your car's computer is giving you, you need to understand the warning lights. We at Swant Graber Ford have created a list of common warning lights and their meanings to assist you when your warning lights appear. 

Oil Pressure Warning

If this light appears, check your oil level as soon as possible. Usually this light is an indication of low oil pressure, but you should also consider getting an oil change soon after this light comes on.

Check Engine Light

One of the more common warning lights, and one of the more difficult to pinpoint. You need a code reader to figure this one out, as it could mean a variety of things. Stop by Swant Graber Ford and we can read the code for you. This light could be triggered by bad spark plugs, a loose gas cap, faulty O2 sensors, or a damaged catalytic converter.

Brake System

This could mean that your parking brake is on, so check that first. It could also signify there is a problem with the ABS, or that the brake fluid is low. If driving when the light appears, allow extra distance and time for stopping.

Coolant Temperature Warning

If this light appears while driving, you may want to pull over to let your engine cool. After that, check your coolant level and make sure that the radiator cap and fans are functioning properly.

Battery Alert

This warning appears when your battery's power is below normal levels. Look over the battery's condition and terminals, and check the alternator belt. The battery power can be affected by any of those factors.

Tire Pressure Alert

Some vehicles have a tire pressure monitoring system. This system sends a warning light when one or more tires do not have enough pressure. If this alert appears, make sure your tires are properly inflated.

These are just some of the common warning lights that you may see on your vehicle. Do not ignore these lights if they appear. Bring your car to Swant Graber Ford Service Departmentand we will help figure out the potential problem and help you take care
of your car.